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【Character Relations - Melodies of Life 】

First person to really welcome him to Crystallis, and his first actual friend. Crystallized not long before he did.

Team Shadow Research member. Best friend and confidant, he once promised that even if he had to claw himself from the darkness of dreams (read: death), he would overcome them to help her. Was also present when he faced his Calamity Self.

One of those who he bonded with over being heroes of an opposing element than the socially acceptable light. Meteor crystallized not long after his girlfriend, Zelda, died at the end of a mass murder spree.

Annoyingly attempted to point out that anyone could be a hero, when he refused to count himself as one. Crystallized.

Card buddies. Hasn't seen him in a year, outside of crystallized heroes' wing.

Former roommate and close friend. Ventus became a reason for him to stop his suicidal tendencies after his first Halloween in Crystallis. Crystallized.

Someone who tried to help Lin make him face that this world is his new reality. Hasn't seen much of her in some time, save in battle.

Automatically got off on the wrong foot, and neither has not done a thing to attempt to fix that.

Close friend and confidant, they both bonded over wanting to say "screw destiny". Was also present when he faced his Calamity Self.

Former housemate, hasn't seen much of her in a while, but is glad to not have seen her in the Crystallized Heroes wing.

Former housemate and fellow antisocial wall butterfly. He's seen the guy turn to crystal twice, now.

Ira caught her peeping at his file as he went to lock it. They've only met that one time, but her words in regards to what he'd told her of his past stuck with him.

Acquaintance and former training buddy. He hasn't sought her out since he returned from crystal stasis.

Not!mom and former housemate. They both visited each others' worlds, and while he is slightly jealous that she got to have a family even after her death, he looks up to her. Was also present when he faced his Calamity Self.

Ira once helped him and the others defend the city from zombified and crystallized heroes, but now hates his guts for causing them to lose their immortality.

Acquaintance. Once assisted him in attempting to create Death-aspected bullets.

A like-minded, more antagonistic than the standard "Hero of Light" individual. They briefly bonded over how much the others were idiots in regards to how they treated Palitutu. Was also present when he faced his Calamity Self.

Team Babysat a Weapon of Mass Destruction member.

Team B.W.M.D. member.

Team B.W.M.D. member and fellow artificial human. He's uncertain about her, but shared a small flicker of hope in finding a way to be "human" with her. Now that he's accepted his Calamity Self, he hopes he can help her see that she too is just as human as the others.

Team B.W.M.D. member.

Team B.W.M.D. member. Ira thinks he's weird due to how their brief conversation went.

Other not!mom and former pirate-Assassin, they bonded somewhat while he was helping guard the remains of Ultima WEAPON. He holds no grudges on her for what took place on the Night of 13 Moogles.

Team Shadow Research member. Was also present when he faced his Calamity Self.

Alicorn princess and Team Shadow Research member. He has not been impressed with the outbursts he's seen from her.

NEEDS MORE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT, YE SCROOGE! ...He gets that feeling of loneliness, of losing your identity as you know it, and wants to help, but has no idea how. Both were present when each other faced their Calamity Selves.

Fellow replica and clone of the real thing's best friend, he hopes they can both have their chance to be their own persons when this is all over. Was also present when he faced his Calamity Self.

His former "friend" and current housemate. He hopes they can be friends for real this time, no fake memories involved. Was also present when he faced his Calamity Self.

An old evil, and an old face from the Tower of Animus. He once allied with the man, and while their ideals were similar in the Tower, he kept his cover with Ganondorf until the king of evil crystallized and vanished to parts unknown.

Ira met this version of Sora at a blitzball game shortly before he crystallized and vanished without a trace.

Another face from the Tower; a friendly one. Ira and Xion had become like siblings back in the days where they were only souls trapped in collar fluid and wireframes. He's placed a shell on his chest of drawers for her once a week since the other Heroes summoned by Kalki died, or crystallized like she had.
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