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ira | riku replica ([personal profile] acceptedoblivion) wrote2013-03-04 09:35 pm

【Shaded Distortions ✕ a Nameless Replica 】

Shaded Distortion
Memories in Pieces
Just Wondering
Struggle Away!
Face It!
The Force In You
Scent of Silence
Castle Oblivion
Forgotten Challenge
Hold Me - Two Steps From Hell
Mordred's Lullaby - Heather Dale
[you won't understand the cause of your grief, but you'll always follow the voices beneath...]
I Will Not Bow - Breaking Benjamin
[watch the end through dying eyes, now the dark is taking over--show me where forever dies...]
Lies - Evanescence
[you'll never be strong enough, you'll never be good enough, you were never conceived in love, you will not rise above...]
Time of Dying - Three Days Grace
[was it all too much, or just not enough? wake me up! i'm living a nightmare...]
I Don't Care - Apocalyptica ft. Adam Gontier
[in my way, there's you... tried to make these lies, and that's all i do. just don't deny it, don't try to fight this and deal with it...]
My World - Sick Puppies
[and i'm drowning in the ashes, kicking and screaming... welcome to my world...]
You Fight Me - Breaking Benjamin
[this is how... this is how it's gonna end... this is how... this is how it's gonna end...]
Violated (Blue Stahli ULTRAnumb remix) - Neon Sky
[3, 2, 1--reality's the plague, we're the medication. a new manipulation, over-stimulation... take advantage of what you deny...]